Superannuation & Investment

Consolidation of Superannuation Funds

We help clients gather together their various superannuation funds, discuss the best investment options to use, and provide projections so that our clients know what their super will mean to them in retirement.

We discuss areas such as salary sacrifice, maximum contributions, compulsory employer contributions and keep clients up to date with legislation changes.


Upon reaching retirement we help clients transition their super into an ongoing income (or Pension) to help them replace their employment income so they can enjoy a quality lifestyle.

There are many benefits in setting up an income stream in retirement but there are also a number of rules around doing this so we help clients maximize their pension.


For non-superannuation money we use a range a quality managed funds for clients to invest in which gives them investment growth and the ability to deposit and withdraw funds at any time.

Reasons for these funds would be investing on behalf of children, investing for a shorter time frame such as 3-5 years, or investing as an alternative to direct shares or property.